Flore & Co.

Brand Identity. Logotype Design + Animation. Packaging

Flore & Co. believes food we share should be sustainable and locally grown by farmers seeking organic style goods while producing the freshest and healthiest of ingredients for its community.

Made from their very own grown and farmed ingredients Flore & Co. specialized in cultivating not only their produce but their soil. The land was carefully attended to and preserved with beneficial vitamin property growth in mind.

Logotype Digital Drafts

Flor & Co. Logotype Drafts Digital Sketches
Flor & Co. Bottle packaging with Logotype
Flor & Co. Box mock up packaging
Cinnamon, Red Pepper powder, Salt Business card, Flor & Co. Pouch Bag, Lavender Paper Bag
Panda Studios was able to not only execute my vision but brought to the table different Ideas I would have never considered. Their guidance gave me a clear direction where my brand should go, their process was engaging and easy to follow. I couldn't have asked for a more innovative team – It was a real pleasure working with them.

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